I Like to Date from Time to Time

Every now and again I like to go on dates. I find them to be super fun and unique. It’s one of those experiences that is just different. It is different in the sense that your meeting someone for the very first time. Because of that it is a much different experience and if you’re to just go out with your friends to have a drink.

Why It’s Interesting

There are a lot of reasons why it is very interesting. First and foremost the person is going to be judging you immediately. This is probably what I find kind of the craziest. The sense that they’re there is just sitting there judging every single move is something that I am really fascinated with.

It’s almost like it’s a game and I want to be the one that wins by making sure that they like me. Regardless of I like that person or not. I am always going to try to make them like me. This means that I’m going to have options and ultimately going to be able to choose what I want to do.

Don’t Kiss me on the First Date

One thing I never really like is when someone tries to kiss me on the first date. I think that you should complete at least a couple of days before you start putting yourself out there. It is a big turn off to me for guys who are trying to kiss me at first. It just makes me feel like they want my kitty as opposed to actually just wanting to start a relationship because they like me for me.

Guys Are More Likely to Stick Around

I have found that the guys that are more likely to stick runner going to be a lot more high-quality than the ones who you kiss at first. This is why I always follow this advice and go about it this way. For the ones that stick around I end up giving them a little present as well.

Per DatingAdviceSpecialist’s guide on how to suck dick, I have learned the power of a blowjob and how it can be incredibly effective. I am hands down going to start doing this more and more.

Power of Persuasion

Just know that persuading people can be incredibly easy but it can be a super great power to have. You’re going to want to use this power when you’re on your date. You want to persuade people into waking you. If you’re able to do this thing you’re going to be able to have a lot of success on that you typically would have.

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